BDSM Blog Hop, Pt 2: Sexy Snipppet Sunday & being new to D/s



I’d like to give a bit of an introduction here, in how this snippet I’m sharing is related to the Blog Hop.

As I’ve mentioned a few times here and there, there is an entire range of BDSM out there. There’s the seriously hardcore stuff, involving Masters and slaves (which I’ve even written about), things that lean more toward RACK (risk-aware consensual kink) than SSC (Safe, sane and consensual). And then there’s the other side of the equation. Stuff that some of my friends refer to as D/s Lite. I’ve done that, my Sir and I, when we first started to get into kink, kept things very light. Minor denial, a bit of control in bed, things like that. It led to a lot more, eventually turning into our much fuller D/s relationship that we have now.

But often times, I think, D/s starts like the passage below. Here, we see the lovely boys from my WIP, What About Now. Braden and Rafe start out as friends who become boyfriends and further partners. Rafe spent a lot of his life feeling very out of control of things and so, in compensation, ended up kind of being a bit of a control freak. In *some* places, that’s not a bad thing. He finds he really enjoys controlling and guiding things in the bedroom with Braden, giving Braden what he needs (though Braden doesn’t understand it entirely).

So, I wanted to show a lighter side of the D/s dynamic, what it is like before negotiations and protocol and rules and safewords. Hope you enjoy it! Do be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts on the scene at the bottom for a chance to win one of my books. 🙂 (See the original BDSM blog post here for details.)



Rafe had Braden’s hands pinned to the bed above his head by one hand, the other busy teasing Braden’s sac. Rafe, currently buried balls-deep in Braden’s ass, filled him but refused to move yet, a tease in itself. Rafe tugged then squeezed Braden’s balls and the slight pain went straight to Braden’s neglected dick, making it jump and leak. “Please,” Braden nearly begged.

“Mmm. Not yet,” Rafe murmured and the evil tone only made it worse.

Rafe’s fingers plucked at Braden’s nipples until they hardened, then teased skin before going back to his balls. Rafe touched everywhere it seemed, tormented everything except the one thing Braden wanted the most. His cock stood straight and hard, red, leaking, needy. And still Rafe ignored it.

Braden tried to move, to ride the cock buried in him, at least. But Rafe apparently anticipated it. As soon as Braden tried to pull off, Rafe lifted himself just enough to move with Braden, thereby denying Braden the friction he so desperately wanted.

A frustrated groan that morphed into a whine was the answer to this. “What do you want, Braden?”

Braden tried to form words, needed to answer, but Rafe’s thumb was once more teasing his already tight sac and coherency seemed to have completely abandoned him. “Please,” he managed, “Touch… touch me.”

“Hmm, here?” Rafe asked, brushing his fingertips along Braden’s inner thigh. When Braden gave an unhappy grunt, Rafe’s fingers moved to his balls again. “Or here?” They teased, then dipped down to Braden’s taint before moving back to his balls.

Braden thought he was going to cry from sheer frustration. He couldn’t remember being this aroused, like, ever. He couldn’t ever remember mindlessly needing to the point where he couldn’t speak. He tried to buck again, to ride Rafe’s cock but got the same lack of friction as before. “Please, baby, stroke my cock, fuck me, need so badly,” he finally spit out.

Rafe’s smile was wide… and altogether evil. Braden wasn’t sure if he was comforted by it or terrified.

Aroused won out over both and his already red cock turned nearly purple. Rafe shifted, pulled out so very slowly, then pushed back in, inch by agonizingly slow inch. Braden whimpered. He actually whimpered and Rafe gave a dark chuckle in response as he pulled out again at the exact same pace.

If Braden thought that was bad, when Rafe started stroking him, it got worse. He gave only tight, slow downward strokes, releasing at the base to start again at the tip. The were only enough to make it worse, push him closer to the edge of orgasm, but he knew they wouldn’t knock him over.

“Oh God, Rafe…” His sounds turned pathetic, nearly begging as Rafe continued the torture.

“What, baby?”

“Please—” He grunted when Rafe brushed his prostate but it, too, wasn’t enough, even with the strokes, even with the rest of the sensations.

“Please… what?”

“Fuck Me!” Braden nearly shouted. “Let me make you come!”

Rafe rewarded the words with a hard thrust, hitting Braden’s prostate again and a full up-and-down stroke. Braden moaned, thrilling as the pleasure shot through him. But it slowed again, Rafe going back to the maddenly slow thrusts and strokes.

Braden had a serious love-hate relationship with what Rafe was doing. He had a very difficult time telling Rafe what he wanted in bed and Rafe did this for him, Braden knew it, to help him get better at speaking his needs. But it had an unexpected effect: he found the denial aroused him as much—or more—as anything else. And so instead, he hovered on the edge of pleasure, need dragging each word from him almost brutally at the same time it simply made him want more of the same.

“Please, Rafe, fuck me hard and fast, take your pleasure, come for me,” he groaned.

Rafe’s lips surprised him with a hard kiss before he let go of Braden’s hands—though Braden kept them on his pillow—and shifted. A few seconds later, he was thrusting hard, moving fast as Braden had nearly begged him to do. “Fuck so good, baby,” Rafe murmured, eyes closing.

In the present, Braden moved the hand he had on his cock faster, the other cupping his balls, squeezing gently. Close, so close…

Braden kept his hands on his pillow but rolled his hips, fucking Rafe as much as Rafe was fucking him. His neglected cock bounced, teasing him but he ignored it, focused as he was on Rafe. He watched Rafe’s face carefully, thrilling as the pleasure started to claim him. Rafe reached out, wrapped a hand around Braden’s cock, and stroked it. Braden gritted his teeth, determined to see Rafe go first.

But when Rafe threw his head back, shouted Braden’s name and then… “come!” Braden lost it.

* * *

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BDSM Blog Hop, Part 1: Guest post by SirRubi



To open my week on the BDSM Blog Hop, I’d like to offer up a guest post from my very own Sir. He’s agreed to answer some questions for us (and, though I know some of these answers, He still managed to surprise me!) and share His perspective of Domming and a few bits of the lifestyle, and how we participate in it.  I am doing a giveaway this week, to go along with the hop. I’ll be giving away two ebook copies of either of my Golden Collar stories, Choices or Deception and signed, decorated bookmarks from the Golden Collar world, as well. Be sure to follow the hop and leave comments and questions here, on my posts this week, for a chance to win. Any post with the BDSM Blog Hop badge contributes to the giveaway!

* * *

How would you describe your “style” as a Dom?
I prefer firm but loving. It helps that my pet is also the love of my life 🙂

What’s your favorite thing about Domming?
I dislike chaos and the idea that I can’t control what goes on around me or, sometimes, to me. Being a Dom gives me a sense of order and control that I create myself.

What’s your mindset like?
When I’m going into a scene, I like to think of myself as a director, controlling all aspects of the scene (no pun intended). Lighting, position, temperature, how I affect my pet… One thing a director does though is let the performer play to their strengths. I like guiding the best out of my pet and letting her show me what she can handle.

How does effective communication play out in the D/s aspect of your relationship?
As we progress in our D/s relationship, we maintain very firm and open lines of communication. One thing I’ve learned from my marriage and a previous one is that it is a central pillar in a good relationship, no matter what nature of relationship it is. This works well during negotiations outside of our scenes and during our scenes, both when she lets me know where she is (through body language and audio cues, mostly) and when I show her what I want from her.

When did you realize you were interested in BDSM?
Not long after we got together, she who became pet and I played a lot in the bedroom. At one point, we tied each other up and teased each other and controlled the other’s distance to climax, for one thing. This gave us our first experiences together in denial and bondage. Time passed and pet suggested we play with that some more, with me in the leadership role. While it initially bothered me at first, because we are both completely equal in our relationship outside of D/s, I learned that she craved the opportunity to please me in a submissive sense and I had the desire to control something (and in this case someone) in my life. While we maintain our equal status outside of D/s, we have found much enjoyment and satisfaction in the exchange of power that comes in our D/s relationship.

What’s your favorite activity to do during a scene? Impact play? Denial? Or something else?
Impact play and denial, definitely, though I think I like denial better because we can play with that both in and out of scene. In fact, most of our pre-scene lead up is days or weeks of denial. This isn’t to say that I don’t like the crack of my crop on pet’s buttocks or the soft falls followed by harder thumps of my flogger…

Do you have a favorite toy?
Two, actually. My flogger and one of her vibrators. The latter has adjustable speed and intensity and allows me more control of… speed and intensity *evil grin*

Would you ever consider taking the D/s further, outside the bedroom? Have you and if so, what kind of limits?
I’ve considered it, but right now I feel like I have more to learn as a Dom. When I feel more comfortable with my presence, I think playing in a kink club (the local one is apparently quite private – read that as invitation-only, secret location, etc. – and frequented by good folk in the kink community), will be the next logical step. pet feels more comfortable in her role and feels that when the time comes, we’ll be amazing together, there. Limits? I think if I allowed another Dom to wield the flogger, sotospeak, my hard limit would be sexual contact. I covet my pet intensely, both in our D/s relationship and out.

Have you, as a Dom, ever safeworded? What might make you consider it?
Yes, I have, though it was only our “Slow, not stop” safeword (our’s are “burgandy” and “saffron”) when I saw her acting abnormally. This was early on when we were testing both our limits. It took her out of her headspace long enough for me to make SURE she was doing okay. she has only safeworded twice, once when she couldn’t get enough oxygen and once with a new toy with which neither of us had much experience, yet.

Knowing when to safeword is a learning experience. Most important of all is knowing both of your limits, hard and soft. Much of guesswork for when you safeword is eliminated by knowing where the lines lay. Then you only have to worry about physical issues like severe cramps, breaking skin, etc. and the unknowns, like mental or physical associations to certain toys or activities, that neither of you might realize you have.

Do you have any questions for Sir? What part of the lifestyle are you interested in (whether to read or participate)? Every question and comment counts for a chance to win. 

Sexy Snippet Sunday


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Final part of Patrick’s Surprise

Again, fair warning, it is most definitely 18+. *grin*

* * *

When he pulled back from the edge a bit, he started the video back up. This time, he knew he could make it. He wrapped his hand firmly around his cock, giving himself full, long strokes to delay those few more seconds. When Patrick groaned, “Fuck Chance” into his ear, he tightened his hand, dragged it over the tip then gave himself the short, fast strokes that would send him over the edge. He yanked his t-shirt out of the way and aimed his dick at his stomach.

And just as Patrick’s cock unloaded, spraying cum all over stomach and chest, Chance’s orgasm screamed through him. He couldn’t stop the quiet groan that escaped as his balls pumped stream after stream of cum out to coat his own stomach. The video froze on the picture of Patrick’s hand with more cum on it and he stared at it as he milked every last bit of pleasure out of his cock.

He panted hard, trying to gather enough wits to remember what he wanted to do. He hit the “back” on his phone, scrolled until he found the camera and hit the icon. When it came up, he rotated so it used the front-facing camera, aimed it at his wet dick where it lay right next to the cum on his stomach and snapped the picture.

He waited long enough to clean up and wash his hands, then he typed in: That’s what you caused. Fuck, baby, that was hot. I came *hard*. Then attached the picture and hit send.


Patrick climbed out of the shower, feeling fucking fantastic. Between the workout to get his muscles moving then the orgasm and shower, he felt like he could do just about anything.  He dried himself off, doing his best to be quick and efficient when it came to his cock because he did not want to get worked up all over again after all that.

He picked up the phone off the bedside table and grinned when he saw a message from Chance. He opened it… and his dick twitched hard. He stared, he couldn’t stop himself and before he realized what he was doing, he had his hand on his cock and had worked himself back to full erection.

He groaned, then chuckled and took a picture of it. He tapped the message box and typed, And that’s what *you* caused. Again. I am *so* fucking you hard after Avery’s in bed tonight.


Chance opened the message and laughed, but carefully avoided looking at the picture for too long. He sent his reply: I can’t wait, baby. My ass is all yours. Then he pocketed his phone and went back to work.

He had a very nice afternoon.

To be continued…

* * *

No Sacrifice is available now for pre-order from Dreamspinner Press.


Wednesday Briefs #27: Growth, Part 25


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Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 7

And now, Ghalib starts to think maybe he can handle this, after all…

“Now,” Nadir said, picking up a basket on the neighboring lounger and handing it to Teman. He pulled a piece of gold out and held it up. “Your collar. You will wear this at all times except during baths, which you will have often.” He placed the collar around Ghalib’s neck and Ghalib’s heart quickened when it was snapped closed. “Are you okay?” Nadir asked.

Ghalib nodded. “Yes, I… it’s… just… different.”

Teman smiled. “It is, at that. Is it uncomfortable?”

Ghalib considered the question then shook his head. “No, not at all.”

Nadir grinned then lifted a small gold lock and showed it to Ghalib. “This is as much symbolic as anything. If you need that off, we will take it off—that goes even for the other slaves,” he added when Ghalib opened his mouth. “We have seen a few truly react poorly to them. If you do, there are alternatives. Worry not, you will still wear a symbol of some kind of the slavery.”

Ghalib nodded.

“Good.” Nadir fitted the lock in place and clicked it shut. Ghalib pondered the feel, the slight weight and decided he liked it.

Teman held out two smaller pieces that were a similar shape to the collar. When Nadir put the first one around Ghalib’s wrist, he noticed it had soft edges and a velvet lining. “These do not lock. They are for both decoration and utility. If a master chooses to tie you down, they often use these to do so. They are much better for your skin than rope or plain leather is.”

“They didn’t use to be lined. Bathasar noticed at dinner one night that Bahi had sores on his wrists. When he asked Salehi about it, Salehi had told him it was a common occurrence when the masters tied the slaves tightly. Needless to say, Bathasar was not happy.”

Ghalib nodded. “I… can believe that of him.”

“The last piece you must wear will be the most difficult. Stand up, please.”

Ghalib had been expecting this. He couldn’t seem to look away as Nadir wrapped the thick hinged silver ring around his sac. It closed around both sac and cock, coming together on top of his cock at the base, forming a much smaller ring. Next Nadir lifted the cage—shaped like a flaccid penis, it was made of many thick, vertical bars that reached from the base and curved to a rounded point. Nadir spread thick oil on the inside then slid it over Ghalib’s cock. He threaded a lock through the smaller ring the cage slid over and clicked it closed.

Ghalib stared at it for a long moment. It felt heavy, pulling on his cock and balls and making him much more aware of them than he’d ever been before.

“Yes, it will be uncomfortable for a while. Eventually, you will get to where you don’t necessarily notice it. It takes about two weeks for your body to become accustomed to it. You will wake at night for a while as your body tries to force an erection. It will be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t hurt. When your cock tries to fill, it will pull on the cage, thereby pulling on your balls.”

Ghalib looked up, eyes wide. He hadn’t considered that aspect of it. He’d known about the cages; he’d certainly removed them from Teman many times. “Two… weeks?”

Nadir nodded. “Yes. But like I said, it should not hurt. If it does, you must tell us, because it means we have probably put the wrong size cage on you. This might seem… opposite, but if the cage is too big, it gives your cock too much room. If it’s small enough, your body will learn its limits sooner.”

Ghalib nodded slowly. “That… actually makes a sort of sense.”

“Here, look at yourself,” Teman said in his ear, taking his hand. Teman tugged and Ghalib followed him to a mirror between two of the cabinets Ghalib hadn’t seen earlier. “You are beautiful,” Teman whispered.

Ghalib stared at himself. The gold of his collar and cuffs warmed his skin. His long black hair shone in the candlelight. He thought, somewhere in there, he might even see a hint of the grace he’d always admired in the other pleasure slaves. That’s when it hit.

He was now one of them.

And he knew, in that moment, he’d made the right decision.

* * *

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No Sacrifice is OUT!!!


I am so excited to announce that my very first contemporary novel, No Sacrifice, is finally out! This book has been such a huge part of my life for so long, and I am really happy to share it with everyone! I have a blog tour still going for the release yet this week, and you can check out all the back posts with some great insight into the book. Here are the dates:



I am also running a Rafflecopter giveaway for the release. Head over here to get your entries in for this, too:
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In case you’ve missed it, here’s what No Sacrifice is about:

Patrick has taken his acting talents from high school all the way to a role in a major television show. But as the show progresses, his life of absolute certainties crumbles when he finds himself reacting to the kisses of his male costar. He refuses to accept it, reminding himself he’s married and a father—and thus, straight.

One night he goes to drink his worries away, meets Chance Dillon, and can’t take his eyes off the man. After having a little too much alcohol, he spills his problem to Chance, who helps him realize there’s something other than gay and straight. Patrick’s new understanding of his bisexual identity helps him sleep better—until the next day, when he discovers Chance is a sound technician on the same set.

As their friendship grows and Patrick’s marriage ends, he recognizes a possibility for much more with Chance. But Patrick isn’t ready to be out the way Chance has been for so long, and when the matter is taken out of Patrick’s hands, he pushes Chance away to spare him the mess Patrick’s life has become. By the time he realizes his mistake, it may be too late.

* * *

It’s not yet up on Amazon, though I am feverishly refreshing the site to see it. I’ll be sure to update here when it is. In the meantime, you can pick it up at the Dreamspinner Press site (you can get a Kindle version here!) and AllRomance e-books.

* * *


To celebrate, I’d like to share a special song from the No Sacrifice playlist for Music Monday.

One of the most important songs on the playlist is “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz. Chance sings it at one point to Patrick and, eventually, it comes back the other way. The lyrics mean so much to them and gives you some big hints about the story. Take a listen here:

Lyrics here.

Patrick has a lot to understand both about himself, about relationships and about family. It takes a lot for him to get to where he can figure out where his priorities are but eventually, he does. Chance, too, has to remember what’s important and finds that he’s got some learning to do, too. This song reminds both of them of some of that.

I hope you enjoy the song and the story. Do let me know! I am so happy to hear from my readers.

Don’t forget to joing the Dreamspinner Press facebook page on Saturday from 2-5 Eastern Time for my chat! There will be giveaways, prizes and lots more!


* * *

“I Won’t Give Up” is on the Love is a Four Letter Word album and is © 2012 by Jason Mraz for Atlantic Records.

Sexy Snippet Sunday


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Part 4 of Patrick’s Surprise

Again, fair warning, it is most definitely 18+. *grin*

* * *

Chance was just beginning to think Patrick had changed his mind when his phone buzzed in his pocket.  He bit his lip because the vibration felt good and he was still very on. His cock had only gone down a little because his brain kept throwing pictures of a naked Patrick at him. It took every ounce of his willpower to keep his hands out of his pockets and away from his dick.

It had been an incredibly frustrating ten minutes.

He was so turned on, he was half-tempted to go to the bathroom and just jack off before Patrick sent it. But he’d told his lover he’d wait, so he wanted to. Besides, the picture Patrick was sure to send would be well worth it.

He pulled the phone out of his pocket and saw he had two messages. He sincerely hoped they were both from Patrick because he did not need to have to deal with his mother or sister right then. He opened it up and was relieved to see they were both from Patrick.

He stopped dead in the middle of the hallway he’d been walking down to stare at the screen. The simple message didn’t surprise him.  Hope it’s good enough. Sorry it took so long. Think you’ll like why. Love you. No, what surprised him was what was attached. And he could tell from the tiny thumbnail it was not something he wanted to open in even a semi-public place.

He stuffed the phone back in his pocket and walked as fast as he could without drawing attention. Thankfully, he wasn’t too far from the closest bathroom. He glanced around, but no one was paying any attention to him. Even so, he felt like he had eyes on him when he slipped into the bathroom and into a stall.

He locked the door, had his belt open and pants down in only a few seconds. A couple of seconds after that, he was sitting with the video started and his cock in his hand. He bit brutally at his lip to keep from letting the moan out that wanted to escape.

The image of Patrick’s wet, extremely hard cock would have been enough. A few strokes to that picture and Chance could have been going off all over the stall. But he kept it slow, wanting to at least get through the whole video once before he lost it.

He scrambled to pause when Patrick moaned. He dug his earbuds out of his pocket, plugged them in and put them in his ears. Then he started the video again, turning the volume up.

Chance’s hand started moving unconsciously as he watched Patrick’s movements. More moans filled his ears as the incredibly sexy sight of Patrick’s hand flying over hard, slick flesh took up the whole screen. Chance forced himself to let go of his own hard dick to watch. There were only about forty seconds of the video. He wasn’t a hormonal teenager, he could get through that much.

But by the time he was looking at Patrick’s cum covering the tan skin, he thought he was going to go crazy. Only forty seconds of video was all it took. He paused to spit into his hand a few times and slick his cock, then he started stroking it again.

He had to pause the video at fifteen seconds, and stop moving his hand to pinch the base of his dick in an effort to hold back the climax. He wanted to come with Patrick and he was already so close. If Chance had been doing this in front of Patrick, he’d be embarrassed by how quickly he’d be going off.

To be continued…

* * *

No Sacrifice is available now from Dreamspinner Press.


No Sacrifice Blog Tour



6/3 – Hearts on Fire Reviews- Interview

6/6 – Shae Connor’s Blog – A tour of Burbank

6/10 – The Hat Party – Interview

6/11 – Top2Bottom Reviews – Interview

6/13 – Rainbow Gold Reviews – Character interview

6/17 – The Novel Approach – Het sex in gay fiction and washing women from the story

6/20 – Joyfully Jay

6/24 – Prism Book Alliance – Interview

6/26 – Elizabeth Valey’s Blog

6/28 – Facebook chat on the Dreamspinner Press page from 2-5 pm EDT


Be sure to join in! Lots of prizes to give away on each stop as well as chances to enter the big giveaway including a signed paperback copy of No Sacrifice, a beautiful seahorse necklace similar to the one in the book and even a clapboard  from the set of “Deception.” Each of the stops has a chance to win swag and e-books of my backlist titles. So be sure to follow it!

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Guest Author: Jana Denardo

Today, we get to hear from another lovely Dreamspinner author, Jana Denardo! Give her a warm welcome!

As of late I’ve been working with characters who already have families. I’m not sure why exactly. I do think, however, the kids add another dimension to the story. In Kept Tears, Rhys is a bisexual fae with children centuries older than his current lover. That was a great deal different than what the characters face in If Two of Them Are Dead.

Abraham Westbrook is a millionaire who both inherited his money and made his own millions. Growing up, he was well indoctrinated with the idea that he would be the head of the family and the business one day. He needed heirs, and his father had no compunction about selecting Abraham a bride from a good family. Abraham had no desire to be married, but had accepted it was inevitable for a man of his status. He had to satisfy his own desires in the Molly houses of NYC, bearing no small amount of guilt and shame in doing so.

His wife, Minerva, had been a compromise with his father. Minerva was bright and inventive and his best friend even though he didn’t greatly desire her. They had three children, Abe, his first born son and namesake and then the twins, Harrison and Vivian. Minerva died in childbirth along with their second daughter. He mourned the loss of his friend, but felt absolutely no need to remarry. Abraham ignored the demands of society to take another wife for the sake of his children. He considered his duty done.

Abraham is naturally aware of the fact Victor takes the children as a sign that Abraham would have no interest in him. It also put Abraham in a bind. He doesn’t want to hurt his children in any way and he wants to have a relationship with Victor. However, their relationship, by necessity in this time period, has to be a closeted one. When Victor proves to be good with kids, Abraham is relieved. There may be pitfalls ahead as the kids get older, but for now “Uncle Victor” is a positive influence in their lives.

Thanks to Grace for having me over today.



If Two of Them Are DeadIfTwoOfThemAreDeadFS

Called to Hyde Park, New York, ex-Air Corpsman turned detective Victor Van Voorhis comes to only three conclusions about his newest case: the gulf between his status and the wealthy Westbrook family is no trifling matter; someone brutally killed a young mother; and the victim’s brother-in-law is one of the most intriguing men Victor has ever met.

Inventor Abraham Westbrook lost his wife five years ago and is worried about the effect another death in the family will have on his children. He spends most of his time tinkering with steamships, but even his inventions can’t distract him from wishing Victor was in his life for any reason other than a murder investigation—one where Abraham himself is a suspect. He’s hidden his desires all his life, but no longer. Somehow, he’ll catch the detective’s eye.

With murder standing between them and a killer stalking the Westbrooks, Abraham and Victor’s chance at happiness could go up in steam.



Abraham’s head lifted from whatever he had been peering at so closely, spread out over the table. Spotting Victor, he smiled as bright as the gold coin sun in the sky. “Victor, what brings you here?” he called. His younger son swiveled around to see who his father was talking to, and his brother slammed the shuttlecock back, scoring a point.

Realizing he’d lost a point, Harrison stamped a foot. “No fair!”

“Harrison, you took your eye off the game. Accept the point with grace,” Abraham said, and Harrison huffed at him, picking up the shuttlecock. He stuck his tongue out at his brother and batted the cork back.

“I didn’t mean to disrupt your afternoon,” Victor said, taking a few reluctant steps forward.

“Nonsense. Please join us. The children are ridding themselves of excess energy.” Abraham looked at his daughter. “Or waiting their turn to do so.”

“They won’t run out of steam any time soon,” Miss Wedderburn said.

Victor hadn’t even seen her sitting closer to the wall of the house, sewing buttons onto clothing from a pile on the chair next to her. Miss Wedderburn also had a couple of Vivian’s dresses and a bag next to them with artificial flowers peeking out. She was most likely going to alter the dresses for the season. Some observant detective he was. He’d been far too concerned with Abraham and feeling his body close to his.

“So, do join us. Cook has fixed lemonade. It’s quite refreshing, more so than the drivel I’m putting down on paper.” Abraham shot a baleful glare at the papers on the table.

“What are you attempting to do?”

“Something with a persnickety engine upgrade, and I might have Vivian finish it, for all the good my brain is doing.” Abraham slapped a hand against the papers.

“Let’s have a look.” Victor sat down, and peered at the papers. He wasn’t even sure why he said that. It would look improper, him pretending to help.


Buy Links:

Author’s Bio

Jana Denardo’s career choices and wanderlust take her all over the United States and beyond. Much of her travels make their way into her stories. Fantasy, science fiction, and mystery have been her favorite genres since she started reading, and they often flavor her works. In her secret identity, she works with the science of life and gives college students nightmares. When she’s not chained to her computer writing, she functions as stray cat magnet.

Jana is Queen of the Geeks (her students voted her in) and her home and office are shrines to any number of comic book and manga heroes along with SF shows and movies too numerous to count. There is no coincidence the love of all things geeky has made its way into many of her stories. To this day, she’s still disappointed she hasn’t found a wardrobe to another realm, a superhero to take her flying among the clouds or a roguish star ship captain to run off to the stars with her.

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Wednesday Briefs #26: Growth, Part 24


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Ghalib’s Welcome, Part 6

Where Ghalib starts to feel a little in over his head…

Ghalib did, a little nervously. He felt hands on his ass then, parting the cheeks and the cloth running along his crack. Right after that, slicked fingers prodded his anus, one pushing through the ring of muscle. Despite himself, Ghalib moaned, surprised at how good that felt. Odd, different, but good.

“Yes, I know,” Nadir murmured. “You’ll feel even better things as time goes on. Like before, simply learn to accept it. Allow it in, feel it, embrace it and it will go even better for you.”

Ghalib didn’t understand everything Nadir said, but he simply let the words absorb and made a conscious effort to not fight it. That first finger pushed into him farther, twisted then pulled out again. Nadir repeated this a couple more times and before it disappeared completely, Ghalib’s cock had hardened completely and he was having trouble breathing.

“Well done, Ghalib.” Nadir praised him and Ghalib struggled to catch his breath. “That part is done. You did wonderfully. Turn around.”

Ghalib’s face heated. He couldn’t look at either of them as he did. The water in the tub only came to the lower part of his hips so when he turned, his cock stood out from him, tip above the water, obviously full and red.

“Oooo,” Teman whispered and despite himself, Ghalib looked up. He was looking right at Ghalib’s cock and Ghalib’s face burned hotter. “Nothing to be embarrassed about, Ghalib,” Teman hurried to assure him. “It’s beautiful. You’ll make your masters very happy.”

“Quite,” Nadir agreed, smiling. “Sit on the side, please.”

The heat faded just a little but he still couldn’t look at the others as he settled onto the edge of the tub. He kept his eyes focused on Nadir’s hands as the washcloth was lathered once again. He gripped the tile hard when Nadir ran the washcloth over his swollen length. It felt way too good and he was afraid he’d embarrass himself even further.

“It’s thick, too,” Nadir commented, making Ghalib blush even brighter. “You must learn to accept these kind of things, Ghalib. A master isn’t going to worry about embarrassing you when they appraise you. They will be looking at your cock, feel your ass, weigh your balls and not even think about how you will react.”

Ghalib looked up at Nadir, who nodded.

“Yes. They will be very matter-of-fact about it. Most of your life is sensual. Most of it is about pleasure. His Highness has tried to promote that ideal—that the slaves are for pleasure, individuals that are to be enjoyed, not treated like a camel at market. But he cannot force the nobility to behave in a particular way, except, of course, if they actually mistreat you.”

Ghalib looked down, watching as Nadir cleaned him with quick, efficient movements. “Most of the time, when you are bathed, it is more like that. The other slaves understand very well how aroused you will be when uncaged and being touched. They do not like to make you miserable. Not that I do. I am trying to teach you the sensual side of our world.”

Ghalib swallowed and nodded. “I believe I understand. We… should be sensual. We should be about pleasure, though not everyone will treat us that way or… behave that way.”

Nadir smiled brightly. “Exactly. He is intelligent.”

Teman grinned. “I told you. Are you ready?”

Nadir nodded. “Yes. Let me lather the soap again.”

When Ghalib realized what Teman was holding, his eyes went wide and he gulped. Teman smiled and laid his free hand on Ghalib’s arm. “Relax. They won’t hurt you. I… panicked quite a bit the first time it was done to me. But Cyrus and Nadir are good at what they do. If you relax, take a few deep breaths and, if you need to, close your eyes. It’ll be over soon.”

Ghalib considered closing his eyes, but he couldn’t seem to take them off the small blade Teman handed to Nadir. So instead, he followed it as it dipped down, scraped lightly along his skin above his cock then Nadir flicked it aside, rinsing it quickly before running it, again, over Ghalib’s skin. As Nadir worked, Ghalib relaxed bit by tiny bit as the hair around his cock and over his balls disappeared. A very short time later, he was completely clean shaven from the bottom of his treasure trail to his taint. He stared at himself, then looked up at Nadir. “Wow.”

Nadir laughed. “Teman said the same thing the first time Cyrus shaved him.”

Teman grinned. “I did, indeed. And it didn’t hurt, did it?”

Ghalib shook his head. “No.”

“Let’s get you dried off. We are almost done.”

Ghalib stepped out of the tub and waited patiently while they ran the towel over him with more of those quick, efficient movements. Then he sat on one of the loungers as they made short work of drying his hair and brushing it out. He’d spent so much time with it tied back, he didn’t realize it had grown past his shoulders, but he felt it lie just above the shoulder blades when Nadir finished with it.

* * *

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The blue eyes looked a bit sadder. Well, maybe not than the *last* time Rafe saw them. The last time he’d seen them, they’d been spitting the blue fire of Braden’s rage. Now, they were sad. But Rafe remembered blue eyes that crinkled at the corners with humor. He remembered heat and want. He remembered love. All for him.

Rafe hated that he was the one to put that sadness there. And as it had for five long years, that knowledge still pierced him.

* * *

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