Choices Release Blog Hop

I have a probably ridiculously crazy series of guest posts coming up for the release of my first novel, Choices.  Below, you will find the generous blog hosting me, the subject of the post and the date I plan to be there.  

Be sure to stop by! I will have giveaways for each of them and the winners of the giveaways will qualify for a signed paperback copy of the book!




2/22 Skylar Cates Author Interview
2/27 Tempeste O’Riley Author Interview
3/1 Jana Denardo Character Interview (with Bathasar and Teman)
3/4 Grace’s Blog Choices Release!
3/4 The Romance Reviews 2nd Anniversary Party Chat, Q&A, Excerpts, and more!
3/6 Tricia Kristufek Character Interview with Bathasar
3/7 Sara Madison The Research behind Choices
3/8 Jamie Fessenden World-building: Geography & Climate
3/9 Lou Sylvre World-building: History & Politics
3/9 Dreamspinner Facebook Page Live chat – excerpts, trivia and a scavenger hunt!
3/11 Andrew Q. Gordon Kaya and the Gypsies
3/12 Dean Ocean World-building: Excerpt
3/13 Lily Velden Interview with Teman
3/19 Cate Ashwood World-building: Food, Drink & Culture
3/20 H.B. Pattskyn The elements of BDSM in Choices
3/21 Jessica Skye Davies The Fanart of Choices
3/22 Tali Spencer The Choices soundtrack
3/22 Zach Sweets Character creation, Naming, & development
3/25 J.R. Loveless Deleted scene with Cyrus and Nadir
3/27 Tempeste O’Riley  New side scene
3/28 Kim Fielding New side scene
3/29 Chris T. Kat The animals of Choices
4/10 Hayley B. James To Be Announced

8 thoughts on “Choices Release Blog Hop”

  1. Pickleweasel said:

    This is going to be SO very awesome, I’m really looking forward to all the guest appearances! Nice assortment of topics, yay!

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